Friday, June 5, 2009

It is not for people like us..

Last night I went to the movie with some of my clients. Boy, I did not know what I was getting into when I agreed I would go to the Disney movie UP! I thought it would be a mindless movie about floating houses and a cute little boy who met and old man and they had many adventures together. But, it was the deeper meaning that made me cry more than once during the movie.

A brief summary of the movie, a couple gets married and the wife dreams of going to Paradise Falls and build a house there and live forever. She logs all of her adventures in a book much like a scrapbook all leading up the promise that one day she and her husband will move to Paradise Falls. Simple enough you would think. But, then the wife passes away (first big cry baby moment!) and the husband decided to continue on their adventure and float their house there with a million beautiful balloons. A whole box of Kleenex could not have saved me at this point. The husband gets there after many trials and I swear the most darling little boy in tow. (Sorry if I just ruined it for all of you!) Once he had arrived, he was reviewing their Adventure book and he saw that she had logged her biggest adventures of being special moments between the two of them. Not moving to Paradise Falls.

I left the movie feeling like I had just seen the same devotion that my parents have to eachother made up by cartoon characters. It was beautiful. The love that the characters had for one another is the same love that I have seen my parents share for years. Although, we may not be able to physically see them both at the same time you can feel of their love for eachother as my mom carries on with their BIG ADVENTURE!

I called my mom right away and told her that if any of the sisters' tried to get her to go to that movie that answer was NO a thousand times NO! I told her that movies like that are "not for people like us" I love you MOM!

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