Sunday, July 26, 2009

c A m P i N g and a little SUN!

Getting Ready
Pucker UP BABY!
This weekend Brandon and I went camping with our super fun friends the Barnes'. We had a total blast. I not being one for camping was a little hesitant about this adventure but, hey I can do anything once right?!? So off we went to Fish Lake. Who would have thought that so much gear was involved when you are just going to spend 2 nights. We looked like the Griswold's going down the road. We had stuff strapped to the top and were packed to the brim on the inside. Once we arrived the boys quickly set up camp and we got the fishing underway. Brandon really enjoying fishing and making jokes with Wood. While Connie and I thought up a bunch of silly games to play while in nature with the kids. Did you know it takes about 10 minutes for a 5 year old to fill an empty Pringles can with leaves. One from each tree that we were by. I know you are thinking we are so creative. As you can see fishing was a success. Brand caught a bunch of fish but he let all the little ones go. It was fun to see his face when his line would get a tug. OH THE EXCITEMENT!

All in all we had a great time fishing and camping but, by day 3 I was DONE! I remember as a child going camping with my family in Lake Powell. After the 1st night my Dad said he would spend the day in the channel trying to find someone to wanted to sale their houseboat because we were not going to spend another night in that tent. So I think this is where I found my true love for camping. Brandon asked me on the first day if I had ever been camping before (I suppose I was doing something "un-camp" like I am not sure) and I shot right back "Yeah I have... it was in a Motorhome!" I love him for being so patient with me. He is such a great man!

On DAY 3 we cleaned up camp and headed to St. George. I must have been at my wits end because about 30 miles outside Cedar I had a complete melt down freak OUT. There was lot of laughing and some crying, maybe I am not made to be in the car for that long. Who knows?!? About 10 miles outside of Cedar the fishing poles broke free from the strap on the top and began to thump against the top of the car this was more than My SWEET and EXTREMELY PATIENT friend Connie could take. She said if we didn't stop the car she was going to KILL herself in 5 minutes! We were a mess but, we made it alive. I am sure that our husbands wanted to leave us in Cedar to chill out but, they let us accompany them for the rest of the trip.

We had a great rest of the trip just relaxing and having fun. We love the Barnes family. Thank you for putting up with us and most especially me. I love you guys. Until our next adventure!!