Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What a day

We had a funeral to attend up in Heber for Mariessa's Aunt Sandra yesterday. They said she loved the snow, and it was out in full force. Some of Sandra's grandchildren were in town staying with Riz's mom and couldn't go home because of the snow. Interesting group to say the least. But I have to congratulate the Kohler Women on a job well done. I first saw them in action when Sandra's husband Bud passed away a few years ago and Mark and Rae Lynne were on a cruise. The daughters dazzled us all then with their planning and on-the-fly prowess, with not only planning accommodations and for for those coming to town, but also the family dinner and an impromptu flooding disaster clean up.
This event was no different. Although, with the Luke's in Peoria we did miss their experience and expertise, got to shout out to my peeps. Riz and I weren't able to be there until the event got underway because of work so it was all up to Rae Lynne, Ang, and Kourt, and families of course. But when we arrived everything was in order and moving smoothly. We just helped get the last of things arranged for the family dinner while people were at the graveside service and the show began..... To Be Continued, I only got two hours of sleep last night and I need a nap.

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