Sunday, March 29, 2009

Are YOU kidding me?

So today was an eventful Sunday. It snowed 4+ inches while we were in church! Yes it is March 29, and we got snow. Not just a little bit of snow but, A LOT of snow. I was thinking about it and I have decided that I am SICK SICK SICK of winter. I am totally jealous of Lindsie and Jake who probably ate Sunday dinner on their back porch today in shorts and T-shirts. We will come back and see you guys again real soon. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

This weekend has been one full of exciting events besides the SNOW ( which did I mention I HATE!) I had the opportunity to watch our beautiful, smart and charming niece Samantha participate in the Swiss Miss contest. She did an amazing job and she is so darling! I have decided that if it were me and I had to sing in front of a large group I would more than likely throw up and then cry. She is so brave and I admire her for her courage. She is a great oldest cousin!

I am so grateful for all of our little nieces and nephews who have been bringing us through the last few months. I admire their simplicity and zest for life. You have all made my life so sweet. I love all you very much!! Although, today I am so very proud that Samantha Lynn is my niece.

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