Monday, August 3, 2009

Cute Hubby

I just found this picture of us when we were sealed. How stinkin' cute is my husband? I decided I would post it at the top of our blog because it was such a special day and I always want to remember it. Plus, Brandon is such a hottie in this picture.

Two amazing things happened today. My lap band was too tight and I have been feeling crappy for like 4 days now. I went and got it unfilled a little bit. I feel amazing. Brand is so sweet he made me Mac and Cheese for dinner because we are on the mushy food diet for a few days. Then Brand and I spent the evening watching Chick Flicks. He watched Failure to Launch, if you have not seen it YOU MUST! It is so funny. I love it when he will humor me and watch somewhat cheesy and corny shows with me. He is so great.

I am also very excited about our soon to be here nephew "Baby D" that will be making his grand entrance next week. I know that he is coming right from the presence of my sweet Dad and that could bring pretty much anyone to tears. I hope that he has a similar spirit of my Dad. Hang in there La La he will be here soon and seeings how you are Mom and Dad's favorite and they are coming to see you soon we all have a lot of work to do here while she is gone to get back on the list. I love you and we will be planning an adventure your way here soon.

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  1. So, I'm a lame-o and just read your blog! That was a great day to see you and Brandon' sealed. What a great blessing...seems like Dad was there then. Baby D is anxious to meet his favorite Aunt Mariessa and Uncle B. Come visit!