Saturday, February 28, 2009

Well, we made it!! We stopped in St. George to pick up some things. Which was lucky 'cause I missed the exit to 95, so we could turn around or just go through St. George. Grabbed some lunch at In 'n Out Burger, mmmmmmmm..... and were back on the trail. Vegas was uneventful, if you count me choosing to get off the Speedway exit considering there's a NASCAR race on Sunday, LOL. Over the Hoover Dam, and a short nap for me later and whoa!! We're there!! But, we are off to the park I think so we'll take some pictures. Oh yeah, I've got shorts and sandals on and I'm still too warm. Just thought I'd rub that in Utah. Love you all.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our "kid" Duke, on the left, and Zoe cuddling

So it begins....

OK, so....Mariessa has wanted a blog for a while I guess to be part of the in crowd with all you cool people. I forbade it at first, I thought we we're too boring to waste everyone's time reading about our dull lives. But we've had some requests for a blog so people can keep up with our travels and the most current info on us getting sealed in the temple, July 6th people, that I finally caved and figured I should write the first entry. One day we hope to have this up to par with the likes of the Lukes, the Powells, the Princes and the Jepsons. Love ya all. So we're at Mariessa's parents house getting ready to make the great treck to see Jake, Lindsie, Kylie, and "The Dude". I promise pictures will be added frequently, especially during this trip. I'll probably let Riz take the reigns from here on out but I'll check in every now and again. Much Love...Brandon, Mariessa, and the Dukebator.